Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Inside China in Paris, by K11 Art Foundation & Palais de Tokyo

K11 Art Foundation and Palais de Tokyo successfully presented their inaugural co-produced exhibition in Paris, Inside China, on October 19th ahead of FIAC.

Inside China is part of an extensive institutional partnership designed to incubate young Chinese artists.
This year, co-curated by Jo-ey Tang from the Palais de Tokyo, and 王春辰 Wang Chunchen (中央美术学院 Central Academy of Fine Arts) from K11 Art Foundation, Inside China features young contemporary Chinese artists 李钢 Li Gang and 赵要 Zhao Yao from Beijing, 于吉 Yu Ji from Shanghai, 吳昊 Wu Hao from Wuhan, and Edwin Lo from Hong Kong, in dialogue with French artists Renaud Jerez, Aude Pariset, and the great XIXth century photographer Nadar.
Together they represent a new wave of creators whose work negotiates the over-production, monumentality and rapid development to which they are witness, embedding these challenges into their own systems of production.

Jean de Loisy and Adrian Cheng

吳昊 Wu Hao

Renaud Jerez, 李钢 Li Gang, 赵要 Zhao Yao

 赵要 Zhao Yao, 于吉 Yu Ji

于吉 Yu Ji, Edwin Lo, Aude Pariset

Film director Agnès Varda in front of 赵要 Zhao Yao's artwork

For the whole week, our Shanghai artist Cheng Ran 程然 had huge video projections on the façade of the Palais de Tokyo, and inside the Orbe New York space.

Live improvisation by 李剑鸿 Li Jianhong (founder of 2pi Records) on guitar, 王子衡 Wang Ziheng on sax, 李青 Li Qing (ex Carsickcar) on percussions, and 韦玮 Wei Wei a.k.a. VAVABOND on laptop.


> Interview of Adrian Cheng in Financial Times.

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