Monday, 26 May 2014

asiadeep music compilation out now on digital plaforms

I am proud to finally present my asiadeep compilation on Pschent Records.
Chill electronic and acoustic, for digital release on most platforms:

French electronic label Pschent (Hôtel Costes) has commissioned me to bring together a digital music selection from Asia's rising new  generation of independent artists, the first of a series exploring the entire world.
This is a first compilation designed as a collection demonstrating Asia’s artistic vitality and diversity, from its rising new generation of artists.
In return for the love and loyalty from our fans in Asia, our aim is to recognize and promote local original talents to regional as well as worldwide audiences, curious and proud to discover fresh creativity from across the continent.
This compilation of 16 tracks is pulsating with good vibrations, eclectic and celebrating the many local scenes and regional tastes: electronica, chill, acid jazz, jazzy hip hop... 


Mint in Motion - โลกบรรเลง The world sings, Thailand

이상순 Lee Sang Soon & 오지은 Oh Ji Eun - 또 왜 그래 What’s wrong again ?, South Korea - Mint Paper

ส้ม อมรา Zom Ammara - ที่อยู่ของความรัก Place of love (Club mix), Thailand

Mia.L - 夜上海 Shanghai nights, China

MC Su - Pills and permit, Singapore

DJ Mitsu the Beats - Snow bunny (feat. Takumi Kaneko), Japan - Jazzy Sport

Da Jamz - 多謝大人 Thank you Master (feat. Fat B & 呆宝静), Hong Kong & China - Chillgun

Breakthrough - Maybe It’s you… (feat. Keyco), Japan - KSR

KDX presents: Xuan 劉軒 - Sweet Talk (feat. Yinyin 史茵茵 & DJ? aka 問號, China & Taiwan - KDX

Cro-Magnon - Queen of quiet (feat. 土岐麻子 Toki Asako), Japan - Jazzy Sport

허밍 어반 스테레오 Humming Urban Stereo - 에로 여배우 Softcore Actress, South Korea - Pastel Music

Xuan 劉軒 - Formosa 101 (feat. Alita Rickards), Taiwan - DA6 Music

Andezzz – Beri Aku Senyum (feat. Jeanette), Indonesia - WoofWoofBeat

沙羅曼蛇 Salamander - Daydream, Taiwan

Up Dharma Down - Indak, Philippines - Terno Recordings

Aaken - Một Ngày Như Mọi Ngày (A day like any day), Vietnam

Eric Hauville
Jung Goh
Soodol Huh
Manuel Bienvenu
Jean-Michel Ou
Calvin Poon 潘源良
Philippe Favre
Marc d'Hauteville

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Goddess 神女 at the Beijing Intl Film Festival 2014

The KT Wong Foundation 拿督黄纪达基金会 presented the remastered version of "神女" (The Goddess) for the 北京国际电影节 Beijing Intl Film Festival April22, 2014, starring the great 阮玲玉 Ruan Lingyu, at the China Film Archive 中国电影资料馆, with a new film score by 邹野 Zou Ye, performed live by the 中国爱乐乐团 China Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tears flowed!

Graphic design by fFurious, adapted by Bran Everest
Post-screening party at 妙吧 Contempio
Live Shanghai 30s jazz by the wonderful 吴思瑶 and her band
VJ mix by 陈雄伟