Wednesday, 18 January 2017

John Blandy at Art Apart Singapore 2017

I showed John Blandy's "Seacourt Stream" pastels January 7-11 in Singapore at the Art Apart art fair, at the Pan Pacific Orchard.

John Blandy has been applying his abstract style to capturing changes throughout long periods of time, painting the same landscapes on a day-to-day basis.
Working on-site in a universal tradition of contemplative pastels, his long career came to fruition as reflective and poetic, capturing continuity and ephemerality, similar to the practice of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy and landscape painting.
His "Seacourt Stream" series has been ongoing since 1974.

Coming from the abstract 70's, the Royal College of Arts and St Martin's graduate has been capturing the same sceneries in quick pastel, rain or shine, catching the light from the same positions and in the same framing, in an obsessive, geodesic practice.
His work is a fresh breath of meditative contemplation and love of Nature.