Wednesday, 18 January 2017

John Blandy at Art Apart Singapore 2017

I showed John Blandy's "Seacourt Stream" pastels January 7-11 in Singapore at the Art Apart art fair, at the Pan Pacific Orchard.

John Blandy has been applying his abstract style to capturing changes throughout long periods of time, painting the same landscapes on a day-to-day basis.
Working on-site in a universal tradition of contemplative pastels, his long career came to fruition as reflective and poetic, capturing continuity and ephemerality, similar to the practice of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy and landscape painting.
His "Seacourt Stream" series has been ongoing since 1974.

Coming from the abstract 70's, the Royal College of Arts and St Martin's graduate has been capturing the same sceneries in quick pastel, rain or shine, catching the light from the same positions and in the same framing, in an obsessive, geodesic practice.
His work is a fresh breath of meditative contemplation and love of Nature.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

cutlog #7 at Hôtel Particulier Montmartre, Nov11-12 - off Paris Photo 2016

cutlog is back with its 7th edition, at the secluded destination of the Hôtel Particulier Montmartre.
23 avenue Junot 75018 Paris

Curators: Neil Atherton, Olivier Bassuet of Art Bridge, Florence Bellaïche, cutlog director Bruno Hadjadj of spree, Stéphane Lebenson, Roberta Molin Corvo, Virginie Puertolas-Syn at Pearl Lam, Melissa Unger of Seymour Projects, and myself.

I will show photographs and videos by the following artists:

Jonas Unger, Paris
Chochotte is a historical erotic theatre where amateur girls perform naive plays in homemade costumes. They dance, strip, masturbate and perform female porn acts. The theatre is in a small medieval basement in the Paris Latin Quarter, the last of its kind. It is in a financially precarious situation and risks closing in the near future. Unlike common strip clubs, Chochotte offers a pure theatre experience, with no drinks sold, and the audience sitting close to the action and each other. The images were taken during rehearsals on sensitive grainy film, using only the lights of the club.

Frédéric Lebain, Paris
Mutant Stage, 2016, with editor Grégoire Pedron
The aesthetics of pole dancers as ballet, inside the Galeries Lafayette Foundation.

Winnie Denker, Paris
The Danish photographer has documented 1980s USA for Time-Life's Library of Nations: The United States.
Each print is available only in a very limited edition. The technical superior quality of her work allows spectacular treatments, from classical platinum or gold prints to her famed sizeable light boxes.

Jerome Sainte-Rose, São Paulo

Os Mascarados: the Pirenopolis cavalhadas in medieval costumes, in the state of Goias, reenact every year Charlemagne's battle of the Christians against the Moors. The working class Indian curucucus take possession of the town.

Karine Laval, New York
State of Flux I, 2013: part of a trilogy for which Laval directed a professional dancer to perform underwater in a swimming pool, testing the body’s resistance in an unfamiliar element and under challenging conditions, evoking man’s struggle with nature and the uncertainty of the human experience. Using water as an additional – and distorting – lens, the artist generates a non-narrative work that oscillates between representation and abstraction and blurs the boundary between video, performance, sculpture and painting. She explore the vagaries of subjective perception and challenges the way we see by combining performance and time and exposing the mechanics of vision. The moving images, combined with an original soundtrack created by Laval, offer an otherworldly feast of textures and multiple surfaces evocative of sculptural forms.
State of Flux II, 2014
Heterotopia, 2016: in collaboration with Hermès, investigating the notion of space – not only as a physical or geographical place, but also as a mental or imaginary space – and our relationship to the environment, between the natural and the artificial. The images were photographed in various private and public gardens in the United States and Europe. The distortions, super-impositions and colors are not the result of digital manipulation; they were created in camera and with reflective surfaces, using the natural environment as both a stage or plein air studio and the subject matter. The colors, contributing to a vision of enhanced or transformed reality, act as a vehicle to translate a world in transition or mutation, oscillating between a psychedelic vision of nature and an artificial post-natural world.

Li Yu 李郁 + Liu Bo 刘波, Wuhan
Slow Shutter 慢门, 2013-2016: reenacting local minor crimes from their historical and industrial city of Wuhan, in photography and video since the 2000s, exploring the absurdity of fast urban development.
12 videos 1” each, 3rd edition.
13 Months in the Year of the Dog
狗年十三个月 2006 and The Victim 受害者 2007 series: prints 122 x 152.4 cm, editions of 10; or 61 x 61 cm.
Wuzi & Jichou Year's Lightning
戊子己丑霹雳火 2008-2009 series, sets of 24 prints: 122 x 152.4 cm, editions of 10; or 61 x 76.2 cm, editions of 30.
楚天金报 2011-05-15 Chutian Golden News无聊男纵火引燃三处垃圾桶 昨日,解方大道上
A man set fire and ignited three trashcans for boredom Yesterday, three trashcans in Jiefang Avenue were deliberately ignited in ten minutes. Two of them are located respectively on two pedestrian bridges about 200 metres apart and the third is beside the bus station between the two bridges. The witness said a man committed it for boredom.
 楚天都市报 2011-03-14
 Chutian Metropolis Daily女子开车敷面膜吓坏过路司机
A woman driver with facial mask shocked the passing drivers About 9:30 yesterday morning, the reporter went out for an interview. When the news van passed by the Provincial Literature and Arts Association, in Dongting No.2 Road, the driver abruptly slammed on his brakes and was struck speechless by a passing red car. It proved that the woman driver in that car was applying facial mask when driving. Hereby, the traffic police warned that safety is prior to beauty.
楚天都市报 2011-5-1 Chutian Metropolis Daily
老人倒下之际奋力扔出白衬衣求救 前晚,家住在蔡甸公园新村的七旬李爹爹外出寻找12岁的孙子,走到树藩大街,突发心脏病,瘫倒之际他奋力将脱下的白衬衣扔到马路上,被好心人发现后获救。
An old man tossed out the white shirt for help Last night, Mr. Li, a senior man over seventy from  Gongyuan New Village, Caidian went out to look for his 12-year-old grandson and had a heart attack in Shufan Street. Just then, he struggled to toss his white shirt to the road and was rescued by kind-hearted folk.
楚天金报 2011-08-17 Chutian Golden News
不堪受虐 发妻清晨铁锤杀夫
Wife killed husband with hammer for unbearable maltreatment Wang charged her husband, Wu with maltreatment since her marriage in 2004 and resorted to revenge. On the night of 11th March this year, Wang filled Wu’s regular capsules with mashed sleeping pills and got him to take the drugs. The next morning, Wang hammered mindless Wu fiercely and surrendered herself to the police afterwards. In the end, Wu was found dead in the rented apartment.

Skeet.Rob, Taipei

“People in video chat rooms expose their bodies and genitalia, for pleasure and satisfaction. My lover says it is a safe act without physical contact, stranger cannot see his face. So I found a lot of different models to cooperate, shooting their masturbating facial expressions. It is absolutely universal, rather than erotic, and beyond interpretations of morality.”

Sean Lee, Singapore
Young Love: "When I was 17 years old and a student, the girl sitting beside me in class passed away after a short struggle with an illness. Her name was Esther. She had stopped school for a while, but because no one knew the seriousness of her condition, we did not have the chance to say goodbye.
Today, I am a part time teacher of photography in a new media school. Looking at my students made me think about the days of my youth. I thought about the friends that I used to hang out with, the times I had fallen in love, and all the nights we spent partying. But it also made me think about Esther who died young and did not have the chance to grow up.
I photographed the students in pairs. They were either best friends or lovers. I wanted both to photograph some essence of them as individuals as well as highlight their relationship with each other.
I often tell my students that photography is a medium that teaches us above all things that our time here is brief.
Perhaps this work is a way for me to say a proper goodbye to my youth, and to my friend, Esther.

Bum Ariffin, Singapore
This is the End, 2009: a historical concert at the famed Substation, a Chinese, Malay and Indian battle between rappers and punk rockers.

Other artists: Arnie, Bruno Aveillan, Carole Bellaïche, Harvey Benge, Vanya Balogh, Scarlett Coten, Michael Cole, Olivier Coulange, Brice Dossin, Claire Glorieux, Bruno Hadjadj, Rafael Y. Herman, Roman Hill, Michael Huard, Nyong Ho Lee, Paul Mignot, Erica Nyholm, Ekin Ornat, Emanuele Ravagnami, Romain Rivière, Maija Savoleina Chris Saunderrs, Yoval Shaul, Thomas Smith, Catherine Talese, Daniele Tedeschi, Ludovic Vallognes, Marie Vic, Cornelis Van Voorthuizen.