Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Nouli Omer's "Bird Woman" at 12POC Galerie Rue Française by Miss China, off Paris COP21

Bird Woman - Nouli Omer
A tragicomic performance, 2015

12 POC (Proof of concept) off COP21
Art & Environment performance program by Dans Quelle Vie Tu Monde(s)
12 hours, 12am-12pm, 12/12/2015
Galerie Rue Française by Miss China

Nouli Omer נולי עומר is an Israeli artist living and working in Paris since 2013.

"Madame Désolée"
"Je ne souris pas"

Birds migrate in groups, from cold to warm places.
Nouli Omer emigrated alone from a hot to a cold place, because the climate there is heating up so much you can feel the danger in the air.
She tries to fit in, but even here the warming climate puts a toll on birds, who want to stay young, and pretty, and smiling.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

COP21 Off pop-up with HubCulture and Inspirelle Paris Nov24 - Dec20, 2015

Thank you HubCulture and Inspirelle for inviting me to present the below artworks along their seminars program in Paris during the COP21 summit.

French artist Lionel Sabatté works on the memory of the world, using residual materials, discarded, ignored or even repulsive, treating them as precious archives, emissaries of the past. He patiently collects the raw material, subway dust, amassed from the perpetual human flux, damaged butterflies are meticulously repaired with human nail fragments, abolishing the borders between plant, mineral and organic. Recalling ancient wall-art bestiary, his creatures tell the narrative dimension of matter: they tell the journey of matter in our world.
Bulbul - 2014
Dust on metal structure, 18x17x11cm
2,500 euros

Petit oiseau des îles du 10/01/1989 - 2014
Oxidized iron and bronze solution, acrylic on Arches paper,
2,000 euros

Rameau #3 - 2015
Dead olive branch, dead skin, 20x92x20cm
2,000 euros

Réparation métissée #1 - 2015
Damaged butterfly, human nails, dead skin, pin and specimen box, 26x19,5x7cm
2,000 euros

Danish photographer Winnie Denker is a reknown and intrepid risk-taker, who's immortalized the World Heritage sites for the UNESCO, and traveled the remote regions of Turkey, the Euphrates Valley, Alep, Damascus, Palmyra, Egypt, China, the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg where her photographs are displayed... Her recent discovery of Iceland has urged her to capture the ephemereality of landscapes under threat from climate change.
 Une Portée Islandaise - 2013
Lambda print on aluminium, limited edition, edition of 10, 95.50x44.50cm
3,500 euros

 La Petite Sirène - 2013
Cibachrome gloss photographic print, 180x95cm
10,000 euros

French artist Seib Pascot presents de medusis, a project about climate change and over-consumption: a poetic critique of the anthropogenic impact on nature. As nature mutates into landscape, it becomes an industrial-scape, a trash-scape.
Crafting his jellyfish from piano hammers, the artist uses a former bourgeois identifier outside of the cozy interiors it is usually confined to. Medusae represent the visible transformation of the environment, and its impact on society, from summer beach alerts to fishing disasters in Japan. Ocean warming and acidification allow jellyfish to develop, and over-fishing has killed their predators.
Seib Pascot is working on a de medusis ballet featuring a hundred sculptures, where humanity is disappearing.
De Medusis 1 - 2015
Piano hammers, paper, electronics, 45x200cm
7,000 euros

Scottish artist Tony Valentine's wooden sculptures totemize human figures from the forest, resembling fragile puppets or timeless divinities, contemplations of desperation and humour.
Wooden objects - 1997, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2014

One Armed Alice - 2004, Wood, 160cm, 2,000 euros
Figure Frêne - 1997, Wood, 160cm, 2,000 euros

Marie-Madeleine Cariou representing Tony Valentine, Yann Lemonnier and Winnie Denker

Seib Pascot, super Kaskaäd Kitchen chef Freddy Money, and me