Tuesday 1 October 2019

Winnie Denker - The 8x10 Adventuress, Cercle Suédois in Paris

Winnie Denker - The 8x10 Adventuress

Guest artist of the Association Artistique Suédoise in Paris
Cercle Suédois, 242 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
Exhibition: October 8 – 28, 2019, Monday to Friday, 3.30 – 6pm
Or by appointment: Damien Brachet 06 8379 2287
Formal dress-code required.

Opening October 8th, 5 – 9 pm
Live song, piano and balalaika by Morin Smolé

Winnie Denker is a worldwide photographer born in Denmark and living in Paris, working in wide 8x10 format.
Travelling the globe for more than 40 years hunting for the best possible shots, her most famous work celebrates humanity's cultural heritage. Her use of traditional photography, in spectacular formats and dazzling angles, captures its ephemerality, the fragility of human experience undiluted in this digital world.
As multilateralism, universal values and human empathy are in question, this retrospective rediscovers the immensity and the beauty of a world in mutation. This adventurer's inexhaustible archives bear witness to a lifetime of cities and glories past: Palmyra, painters Salvador Dalí, Willem de Kooning, Maqbool Fida Husain, former Chinese president Li Xiannian 李先念…

After beginning with jewellery photography, then fashion and documentary, Winnie Denker takes on the USA for Life Magazine, followed by the Eiffel Tower. She is then commissioned by the Unesco for the World Heritage sites – Istanbul and remote regions of Turkey, the Euphrates Valley, Aleppo, Damascus and Palmyra, Egypt, the Great Wall of China, Russia and the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg... Lighting up the pyramids of Egypt in the middle of the night, the icy rooftops of the Hermitage in temperatures of -40°C, leaning out of a helicopter, perched up a crane swaying in the wind, the photographer is renown as a risk-taker, and a persuasive charmer who opens all doors.
Her most recent passion is Iceland.

Born in Denmark before the war, Winnie Denker remains an active photographer, always on the go for some remote destination and impossible challenge, armed with her 8x10 chamber.

She was knighted Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres this year.


Prints by Dupon Phidap.
Lightboxes by Hatem

Empire State Building,               Hermitage Museum,
                     Swedish colours - 2013            
Saint-Petersburg, 2005 - light-box

The Twins, 2000 - light-box

Eglise Saint-Nicolas des Marins, Saint-Petersbourg, 1996 - light-box

Mirage - Dubai, 2012 - light-box

 Françoise Sagan - Paris, 1989

 Salvador Dalí – Paris, 1967

Syria, 1995

« Winnie Denker is a fearless explorer for great photography. Her spirited and succinct views capture the essence of her subjects in monumental panoramic scenes and in earlier photographs of fashion models. Her work defines photography as a great art form. »
- Sheldon Cotler, 2018 Former Art Director of Time-Life Books

Centenaire de la Tour Eiffel, 1989

Art in Resonance - Peninsula Paris, September 26 - November 16, 2019

Curators Bettina Prentice and Isolde Brielmaier
An Art Partners coordination

Elise Morin, Paris
Hand-piled CDs
Lighting by MVision - Lawash

Saya Woolfalk, New York
Immersive multimedia animation installation
Scenography and technicals by Dune Productions

Iván Navarro, New York
Infinity well
Handling by Art Handling